11 Thought Leaders Who Will Change the Way You Look at MaaS

 11 Thought Leaders Who Will Change the Way You Look at MaaS

Today, it’s quite clear that we’re making the shift from personally-owned modes of transportation towards mobility consumed as a service, or MaaS. With more cost-effective and efficient ways of traveling around cities available to us, it’s apparent that a new age of transport is here.    

The people at the forefront of mobility have had the vision of where MaaS fits in and have pushed for new forms of technology to take us there. These leaders have been instrumental in developing the MaaS movement, and their work will continue to improve the efficiency of mobility technology and services in the years to come. 


Sampo Hietanen  Sampo Hietanen 

Sampo Hietanen is set on changing how the world moves. He’s the founding CEO of MaaS Global, the world's first MaaS operator. Hietanen is a sought-after speaker on the future of mobility and the necessity of open ecosystems with over 1000 presentation on these topics under his belt. His presentations and persuasion have already changed lives of many, and MaaS is currently transforming from a concept and a business model to a movement to take back our congested cities and to radically reduce the ecological load of transportation on the planet.  


Sonja Heikkilä   Sonja Heikkilä 

As a pioneer of Mobility as a Service, Sonja Heikkilä popularized the concept of MaaS alongside Sampo Heitanen when she wrote her thesis at Aalto University in Finland. Her work spearheaded the idea and feasibility of mobility without owning a private vehicle and was responsible for popularizing the concept as we know it today. She is currently the Program Director for Mobility Services at the OP Financial Group where she is developing more efficient mobility services to replace car ownership.


Warwick Goodall   Warwick Goodall 

Warwick Goodall has a particular focus on Transport and Mobility, and helps clients to understand the changing technology landscape and benefit from digital innovations to serve customers, operate efficiently, maintain their assets, and plan future transport investments in mobility services. Warwick is a Partner at PA Consulting in the IT Transformation practice with a focus on Transport, Travel and Logistics (TTL). His clients cover roads, railways, buses and air, and span both the public and private sectors. 


Manel Villalante  Manel Villalante 

Bringing over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, Manel Villalante is an expert on mobility. He’s worked in the public sector for the city of Barcelona and the government of Catalonia and Spain, as well as the private sector with Catalunya Car Sharing. He is currently the General Manager of Development at RENFE.


Scott Corwin Scott Corwin

With over 25 years of experience, Scott Corwin is Managing Director, Strategy and Business Transformation and Leader of Future Mobility Practices at Deloitte. He works with leaders from a variety of industries to help develop and implement changes that will disrupt and benefit their markets. As the leader of Future Mobility, Corwin researches and analyzes the emergence of a new mobility ecosystem and its influence on the private and public sectors. 


Justin Whitston   Justin Whitston 

Justin Whitston is the creator of multi-platform technology products and market leading applications in the vehicle rental, leasing and global Mobility as a Service sector. He is the man behind mobility businesses like Nexus Vehicle Rental, IRIS and RAC Businessclub. As the founder of Fleetondemand, he works to provide multi-platform mobility solutions to various businesses. His new platform Mobilleo is a first-of-its-kind MaaS platform for businesses, aiming to connect all forms of private and public transport globally into one platform dedicated to business. 


Andy-Taylor  Andy Taylor

With over 25 years of experience in the transportation sector, Andy Taylor has worked around the world on a variety of transportation projects. He is currently the Director of Strategy for Cubic, where he develops analysis models to project the benefits of MaaS systems for cities around the world. He also creates educational content around MaaS and often appears at industry conferences to help spread the benefits of MaaS.   


Claus-von-Hessberg  Claus von Hessberg 

Claus von Hessberg started SkedGo to address social and environmental challenges, with a focus on Mobility as a Service and transportation. SkedGo is a software provider working with businesses and governments to create localised, unique mobility solutions. The company's API is ubiquitous in the industry and integrates over 3000 transportation services across 300 cities and 10 countries. SkedGo also has their own personal transport app, TripGO, which allows people to create a personalized itinerary using multiple modes of transport.


Maria-Kamargianni-1  Maria Kamargianni 

Maria Kamargianni has used her expertise to integrate MaaS into the London transport system. She is one of the leaders for the FS-MaaS project which designs MaaS concepts and feasibility in the city, including the integrated software platform that will unify registration, package selection, multi-modal journey planning, booking, ticketing and payment functions for London’s commuters. She is also a lecturer at various universities, developing the next generation of problem solvers who will take MaaS to the next level. 


BeateKubitz Beate Kubitz 

Beate Kubitz’s article “Report on the State of Mobility-as-a-Service” was a compilation and a look at MaaS from thought leaders across the industry. She leveraged these insights in her role on the board of TravelSpirit, a non-profit organization that works with the MaaS Alliance to develop an open ecosystem for MaaS. She is active in consulting and social media, writing various articles and whitepapers to improve the state of the industry. 


liad Liad Itzhak

We couldn’t create this list without including our very own, Liad Itzhak, SVP, Head of HERE Mobility. Liad is passionate about driving the next revolution of the mobility ecosystem, and brings vast experience as a prominent authority in the world of smart mobility, with expertise in consumer apps and Big Data. Prior to leading HERE Mobility, Liad built key units at Waze/Google from the ground up, including Data, Maps and QA, and led the data strategy of the company, turning Waze into a data-driven organization. 

In addition to these 11 formidable leaders in mobility, there are countless other influencers in the space who are making Mobility as a Service a reality. As we continue to work together, we will soon see fully-realized smart cities with an efficient, smart transportation system.  

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