50 Tweeters in MaaS You Should be Following


The way we are moving from A to B has drastically changed, and the concept of Mobility as a Service is unfolding across cities worldwide. MaaS is the solution cities seek to help combat growing traffic, congestion, and environmental issues plaguing our cities. In such a dynamic industry, it can be difficult to keep up on the latest news, trends, and events if you are not connected to the right people.   

We’ve compiled a list of the top influencers in MaaS who you should be following on Twitter so you can stay up to date on exciting developments in the industry.  

1. Jacob Bangsgaard @ERTICO_CEO 

As the CEO of ERTICO- ITS Europe, Jacob Bangsgaard is leading the Intelligent Transportation System organization that promotes research and defines industry standards.  

2. Violeta Bulc @Bulc_EU 

A former Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Slovenia, Violeta Bulc is experienced in developing strategies that address demands for connectivity, mobility and global awareness. Currently, she is a commissioner for @Transport_EU. 

3.  Matthew Baldwin @BaldwinMatthew_

The Deputy Director- General of @Transport_EU, Matthew Baldwin is also a European coordinator for road safety and sustainable mobility. Follow him for news on road safety and sustainable mobility.  

4. Andy Taylor @AndyMobility

As the director of strategy for Cubic, Andy Taylor develops analysis models to project the benefit of MaaS in cities around the world. With over 25 years of experience with global transportation, he focuses on working with user communities and educating them of the true benefits of MaaS. 

5. Crissy Ditmore @FabCityCrissy

A MaaS and smart city strategist, Crissy Ditmore is aiming to make “cities fabulous, one day at a time.” Combining her expertise in business development, project management and government relations, she focuses on developing unique mobility solutions for public and private partners. 

6. Sampo Hietanen @sampohietanen 

Sampo Hietanen is the founder and CEO of MaaS Global. He is actively working to take MaaS from a concept into a reality by developing new business models in transport to help change the way people are moving.  

7. Iwona Skowronek @Iwona_Skowronek 

NaviParking’s Chief Experience Officer, Iwona Skowronek, actively supports the development of sustainable mobility and smart cities innovations. Follow her for trends in micromobility and smart parking. 

8. Warwick Goodall @WheresWarwick

A registered Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Warwick Goodall’s main focus is on Transport and Mobility. He is a partner at PA Consulting in the IT Transformation practice with a focus on Transport, Travel, and Logistics.  

9. Claus von Hessberg @ClausVHessberg 

The founder and CEO of SkedGo and @TripGo, Claus von Hessberg aims to create unique, localized mobility solutions. SkedGo’s API integrates over 3,000 transportation services across 300 cities and 10 countries, so if you want to see how MaaS and Smart Cities is evolving, you’ll want to follow him. 

10. Horace Dediu @asymco 

Horace Dediu is the founder of Asymco and hosts the podcast Asymcar and Micromobility. Follow him on Twitter for his take on alternative transport modes like scooter share, ride hailing and of course, MaaS. 

11. Michal Nakashimada @michalnaka 

As Ride Report’s Product Manager, Michal Nakashimada is in charge of developing new urban mobility products. Ride report aims to empower cities with the tools to help make transportation more efficient, including providing real-time visibility into available dockless modes of mobility. Follow him to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of micro mobility.  

12. Maria Kamargianni @KamargianniCcm 

As a lecturer in Transport and Energy, Maria Kamargianni has done extensive research on travel behavior, new mobility services and technology, and MaaS.  

13. Justin Whitston @justinwhitston 

The Chief Executive of Fleetondemand, Justin Whitston, is an innovator, entrepreneur and creator of multi-platform technology in the vehicle rental, leasing and global MaaS sectors. 

14. Beate Kubitz @BeateKubitz 

An advocate of sustainable mobility, Beate Kubitz is an influential thought leader who analyzes new mobility technology and broadcasts their value to the right people.  

15. Manel Villalante @MVillalante 

Manel Villalante has over 30 years of experience in transportation, having worked in the public sector for Barcelona and the private sector with Catalunya Car Sharing. He is currently the General Manager of Development at RENFE, the state-owned company which operates freight and passenger trains.   

16. Strategic Cities @StrategicCities

Founded by Mark Ames, Strategic Cities specializes in media management and engagement strategy for cities and government agencies. Ames also has broadcast appearances discussing cities, planning and cycling 

17. Anthony Barba @aBarba 

Anthony Barba is editor of ‘This Week In Mobility’ weekly newsletter covering trends and new business models in ground transportation and mobility. Barba is a #TEDx speaker on Mobility-as-a-Service.  

18. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten @Daniela_GtM

Moovel Group’s CEO, Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, promotes sustainable mobility. Together with her team at Moovel, they aim to transform one city at a time by offering sustainable mobility solutions and encouraging people to switch to shared mobility. 

19. Steve Cassidy @mobilitystories

Steve Cassidy is the Director of ESP Group. Using his expertise and his transport and technology partners, he focuses on enhancing the customer experience in transport and making seamless mobility a reality. 

20. Johan Herrlin @jnherrlin ‏ 

Johan Herrlin is the CEO of Ito World, a fast growing company delivering real-time transit data feeds for journey planners and a platform for transit authorities and operators. He is also a thought leader in both the mobility and geospatial industries. 

21. Matthew Cole @CubicTS

Matthew Cole is the Senior Vice President of Cubic Transportation Systems and Corporate. He is also the Senior Vice President of Cubic Corporation. Cole is passionate about transportation and making mobility easier. 

22. Mobility Lab @MobilityLabTeam

Mobility Lab is the center for transportation research, development, communications and many more. Often cited as a national leader for public transportation, one of its primary roles is to measure the impacts of transportation demand management strategies in Arlington County, VA.  

23. Graeme Banister @graemebanister

Founder of Carpe Drive, Graeme Banister is working to make all-inclusive driving easier. Follow him if you want to stay on top of the trends transforming automotive and vehicle finance.  

24. Maarten Steinbuch @M_Steinbuch ‏ 

A distinguished University Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Maarten Steinbuch is known for his research in modeling, design and control of motion systems, robotics, automotive power trains and fusion plasmas. He is also the CEO of Eindhoven Medical Robotics. 

25. Smart Transportation @Smart_Transp

Founded in December 2014, Smart Transportation is a collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure innovation. Its mission is to lead and support activities improving the methods, technologies and standards associated to transportation infrastructures. 

26. Giles Bailey @stratageeb1

Giles Bailey is the Director of Stratageeb Limited which help organizations strategize, innovate, partner and deliver mobility transport. Follow him for his insights on business and social trends that will impact mobility. 

27. Ole Harms @Ole_MOIA

With over 18 years of experience in Automotive, Consulting and Technology companies, MOIA’s CEO Ole Harms is dedicated to building products and services for urban mobility.  

28. Katja Lohko-Soner @katjalohkosoner 

Katja Lohko-Soner is the Chief Advisor, Environment at Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Working to raise awareness about sustainability in aviation, her Twitter account is a great resource for unique insights into the industry.  

29. Surya Ramkumar @silenteloquence

As a former partner at McKinsey & Company where she led the Global Future of Mobility Initiative, Surya Ramkumar currently leads Microsoft’s Consulting, support, and Advisory Services business in the Netherlands. Follow her to see the latest in digital transformation and disruption.   

30. Kevin Chan @Kevincc

Kevin Chan is an urban transportation policy professional and researcher who focuses on sustainable mobility. He is also an advisor for Mobility Integration, Planning and Development at Metrolinx. 

31. Michael Kuhn @Mi_Kuhn

Michael Kuhn is the current Chief Communications Officer of REACH NOW (formerly moovel Group). He has an extensive experience in public relations, media relations and business innovation. His Twitter feed offers a wealth of knowledge for everything mobility.  

32. Rainer Becker @rainbeck

Senior Director of Mobility at BYTON, Rainer Becker has 10 years of experience in mobility services and car sharing. He is currently focused on urban mobility and car sharing and is the source for information on autonomous vehicles.  

33. Paul Barter @PaulABarter

Urban Transport researcher, policy advisor and trainer, Paul Barter is a leading figure behind ReinventingParking.org. Join him on Twitter to take part in an ongoing transportation about parking and urban transport.  

34. Janette Sadik-Khan @JSadikKhan

The author of Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution, Janette Sadik-Khan is one of the leading voices on urban transportation mobility. As former Commissioner of the New York City Department of transportation, she was internationally respected for her transformative redesigns of New York City. 

35. Christian Hochfeld @C_Hochfeld 

Christian Hochfeld is the Executive Director of Agora Verkehrswende, a think tank with a mission to promote the creation of a sustainable, climate-friendly transport system. Follow him to track his work in sustainable mobility and decarbonization of transport.  

36. Sandra Phillips @SPhillipsLuethi

Founder and CEO of Movmi, Sandra Phillips is a shared mobility architect, turning vision into reality. Having launched shared mobility systems in more than 10 cities globally, she’s a world-wide expert you want to be following.  

37. MaaS Alliance @Maas_Alliance 

MaaS Alliance is the leading international Mobility-as-a- Service community. It aims to create an open and seamless MaaS services. Follow them on Twitter to stay in the know on meetups, conferences, news, and trends.  


ITS Europe is a public-private partnership of 120 companies and organizations with a focus on Connected & Automated Driving, Urban Mobility, Clean Mobility, Transport and Logistics. Through the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems, they are working to deliver safe, clean and intelligent mobility.  

39. EU Transport @Transport_EU

EU Transport’s Twitter account is the place to get updates from the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the EU Commission. Follow for everything related to clean and safe transportation in the European Union.   

40. Lukas Neckermann @LNeckermann 

Lukas Neckermann is a speaker, strategist and author of several books, including ‘The Mobility Revolution’ and ‘Smart Cities, Smart Mobility’, regularly sharing about transportation, mobility developments. 

41. Intelligent Transport @IntelTransport

Intelligent Transport is the leading source of information for the transportation industry, covering smart cities, digitization, intermodality, and more.  

42. Maas Lab @MaaSlab_org 

MaaSlab is a research team that focuses on urban and inter-urban transport. They also explore new mobility services like shared-mobility, on-demand services, automated services and new mobility concepts. 

43. Business MAAS @BusinessMAAS 

An online network of mobility content, BusinessMAAS provides the latest news, data, events and trends in MaaS.  

44. Transport Forum @transportforum 

If you’re looking to debate the future of European Transport, then the Transportforum is the platform for you. Join the biggest open discussion in the transport sector! 

45. Sustain Cities @SustainCities

@SustainCities is dedicated to sharing knowledge around sustainability for cities. Moderated by @DrDanielleAbreu, you’ll find a variety of articles and trending topics to keep you informed.  

46. Andy Palanisamy @transportgooru 

Andy Palanisamy is an industry thought leader who has worked to solve problems in transportation, infrastructure, mobility technologies, energy, and environment/climate change.  

47. Transport for London @TfL

As one of the world’s leading Smart Cities, London is a city we’re all following. Transport for London’s  

Twitter account has all the mobility happenings.  

48. Johann Jungwirth @JohannJungwirth 

Executive Vice President of Mobility Services at Volkswagen Group, Johan Jungwirth is focused on bring Mobility as a Service with self-driving vehicles to market.   

49. Milos Milojevic @1MilosMilojevic 

Technology strategist, Milos Milojevic specializes in the Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence. Follow him for the latest in technology and smart Cities.  

50. Liad Itzhak @liaditz 

Our SVP, Head of HERE Mobility, Liad Itzhak has his finger on the pulse of mobility. Follow him for everything related to MaaS, Smart Cities, and exciting HERE Mobility updates.  

Social media has helped people stay informed across a variety of industries, and mobility is certainly no exception.  Are you following someone you think should be included on this list of MaaS influencers? Let us know! 

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