8 Slack Channels for Mobility

 8 Slack Channels for Mobility

8 Slack Channels for Mobility

In the world of productivity, Slack has made a name for itself by providing a platform that people can use to collaborate and organize their work, getting into conversations where stakeholders, decision makers are movers can get together to get things done. One of the interesting results of Slack is the rise of Slack Communities, open and independent channels where people can come together to work on anything and everything under the sun.

What started off as a messaging app for teams quickly turned into something that people around the world were building communities around. No matter what you’re working on, there’s a Slack group out there that can help you get it done. Here are the Slack channels we’ve found that can help you with any Mobility-related topics you might have.

All of these communities are indexed by the Slack Chat Groups Bot at Standuply.com. If you are looking for an invite to these communities, locate the slack channel in this index and click on it to request for an invite.

Online Geniuses (Community: 13,085)

This channel has a huge community of people dedicated to marketing, SEO and other IT topics. If you are looking for ideas on how you can market your mobility solution, this place has the people who can get you what you need, or find you the right team of people who can get your product out there and into the marketplace. The responsiveness and the flow of this community is great, which is why it’s one of the best places to go for any marketing questions you may have.

Launch (Community: 14,700)

Launch is a group that focuses on providing resources for startups, using the expertise of its founders who launched many successful startups like DailyBooth, Gumroad and Mino Monsters. This community is great for people to connect with if they need help with design, engineering, business, ideas, programming, and otherwise launching a startup. It’s a great place for any startup looking to make it big.

UX Design Community (Community: 9,021)

This community mainly deals with interface design and user experience. If your app needs some work to streamline it and improve the customer experience, this community has the goods. Join the discussion and find best practices on how to improve the design of your app, or even find talents who can join your company to make your solution the best it can be.

Machine Learning Group (Community: 2,005)

Automation is an important facet of mobility. If your mobility services are looking to employ automation, the Machine Learning Group community has the resources to help in building AI that can automate many of the processes that would increase the value of the service.

Udacity Flying Car (Community: 3,941)

This Udacity Slack community has a specific focus on getting flying vehicles to work, and lets you connect with people who have degrees in flight engineering. If your mobility service is looking to incorporate delivery through flying drones, this is an idea community to find resources.

Cleanflight (Community: 1,214)

In this group you’ll have discussions on open-source flight control software for modern flight boards. The discussions here will help you put together the software that will control any drones you may want to integrate into your mobility services.

Autoware (Community: 401)

This community talks about open-source software for self-driving vehicles. If you’re looking to integrate autonomous driving into your mobility service solution, this community will have the resources to power an autonomous driving vehicle.

OneBusAway (Community: 197)

This group discusses an open-source platform for real-time transit info. The OneBusAway platform offers a robust back end that works with real-time vehicle location data and transit schedules, with rich APIs that can integrate the platform with any third party software. The community can provide insights and support in coding the platform to work with your mobility solution.

While the MaaS movement hasn’t quite found a home on Slack channels yet, there are several groups that cover related topics that can be useful to MaaS applications. It’s also important that this is an opportunity to build and create a Slack community that focuses specifically on mobility. Slack communities have been growing in size and scope since 2016, more than doubling each year. This 2019 we may see more communities revolving around mobility and MaaS.

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