It’s Time to Move to Shuttles: Offer Safer Rides to Your Employees  

May 04, 2020 |
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HERE Mobility Shuttle Solution For Safer Commute

Safety first. That’s probably one of the main lessons the world will learn from this challenging time. As we see the use of public transportation declining, more companies are looking for alternative ways to transport their employees to the workplace, while ensuring the safest environment to do so.  

One way to gain better control over the commuting conditions of your employees is smart shuttles. At HERE Mobility, we understand the upcoming challenges of the mobility world and the adjusted needs and requirements that come along with it. This is why, we’re glad to introduce our new shuttle solution for businesses.  

Implementing our shuttle solution allows you to:  

  • Increase employees’ safety: Oversee the shuttles’ safety and cleaning to make sure rides meet the highest health standards. Control who’s taking the shuttle at all pickup points and gain full visibility over everything that relates to your employees’ commuting environment.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions and save time: Get your employees to the workplace in a faster way. Our algorithm automatically generates optimal routes based on pickup locations, and more, while saving driven kilometers.  

  • Offer a better commuting experience: Offer your employees a seamless shuttle experience and increase their satisfaction. With one intuitive application, let them book, keep track of their rides, communicate, and more.

  • Manage your rides, your way: Manage all your rides through one seamless dashboard. Define your pickup requirements, locations, roasters, the number of employees on each ride, collect statistics, and monitor your shuttle rides in real time. 

This pandemic will end at some point, but even after it does, mobility will never be the same, and your employee's safety and satisfaction will remain a priority. 

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