Looking Back at CES 2020: Our Experience and Takeaways

Looking Back at CES 2020: Our Experience and Takeaways

This year’s CES was probably the most exciting since the launch of the HERE Mobility Marketplace at CES 2018. We had the opportunity to demonstrate how our concept of a global and open transportation marketplace turned from a vision to reality during the past two years. Today, with over 2.5 million vehicles, HERE Mobility is available in 100 cities, helping 100’s of businesses enrich their offering with smart transportation services across the globe. And what better stage than the biggest tech trade show in the world to share with you the most inspiring uses of our solutions? Let us take you through this outstanding – and unforgettable - event:  

The HERE Mobility Experience  

This year, we wanted to shed some light on our partners. More specifically, on the outstanding ways they use our technology to improve their customers’ experience and increase their businesses while impacting the entire urban mobility ecosystem. We didn’t want the attendants to only see or hear these use cases: we wanted everyone to experience them where they actually took place. How did we do that? Glad you asked!  

We created an immersive booth where visitors could discover use cases of our mobility marketplace in various industries and locations. By touching different destinations on an interactive globe in the center of the room, they could unveil - and live – a different HERE Mobility experience, surrounded by a 270-degree screen. From hospitality, to connected cities, stadiums, financial and assistance services, the world of smart mobility for businesses was, literally, at the fingertips of our thousands visitors. The enthusiasm we witnessed was the best reward we could expect.  

Take a look at the video below:

An Unprecedented CES  

The booth experience successfully highlighted the importance of Mobility as a Service for our partners. But even more than that, the necessity to enter the smart transportation field for any major business.  We had the honor to host partners who participated in this unique project, to engage with potential partners from the most promising industries and of course, to have meaningful discussions with members of the media, analysts, and other decision makers about the future of mobility.  

Each exchange further confirmed our convictions: There is a real need for businesses to adopt smart and robust mobility solutions in order to meet their customers’ expectations. And there is an imminent need for cities to make mobility more efficient in order to reduce congestion and pollution. This is precisely the purpose of our open transportation marketplace as we demonstrated this CES.  


This incredible event couldn’t have happened without the help of our partners, the support of our community and of course, the hard work from our teams. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this happen. We are all part of this exciting ride. 

Now that we are back from CES, we will keep developing our technology and growing strategic partnerships with major industry players and businesses. Shaping the future of urban transportation isn’t an easy task. But the warm and positive feedback our mobility marketplace received (again) this year pushes us to work even harder and move faster to take on even greater challenges.  

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