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CES this year was an incredible experience, with intriguing technology, some very cool announcements and displays, and an amazing vibe. For me, it was even more exciting and meaningful both personally and professionally – it was the launch of HERE Mobility. Our CES experience was the pinnacle of a year of hard work that built up to great moments and interactions and meaningful conversations. We were thrilled to have gained attention from notable members of the media, analysts, and key decision-makers at some truly influential businesses.
We showed our HERE Mobility Marketplace to thousands of people in just a few days. The vision driving us to push for a new future in mobility was validated by the palpable excitement in people’s reactions to the practical uses of our products. The HERE Mobility Marketplace is the platform that the on-demand economy has been waiting for, and people want to be a part of it. 

Leading the Conversation about Smart Mobility


Witnessing the evolution of the world of smart mobility, we feel inspired to be among those leading the conversation. We had dozens of productive meetings with potential partners, and had in-depth conversations with top analysts who have a deep understanding of the space HERE Mobility inhibits. We were flattered to be featured among the best announcements and most disruptive offerings at CES by renowned researchers and analysts at such firms as Frost & Sullivan Counterpoint Research , and ABI Research. The increasing coverage of mobility topics in research is further proof of the growing momentum of smart mobility, and our role within this evolution.

The idea of a marketplace to empower everyone equally seems to strike a chord with companies of all sizes, and appeals to the consumer within each of us. What people immediately saw at CES was the way in which the HERE Mobility Marketplace helps businesses help their consumers – addressing the entire journey, integrating mobility into their offerings, and providing a superior customer experience from end to end with access to all kinds of choices and modes of transportation within the range of mobility services. 

The HERE Mobility Marketplace is MaaS for all, an Equalizer

This idea of mobility as a service, or MaaS, is one that makes sense to businesses and consumers, and we are presenting an open and neutral space from which to provide all offerings equally for customer access. We’re an enabler, a facilitator, a connecter, and an aggregator – all to let businesses provide better, deeper, more comprehensive and holistic experiences. Not only did the people I talked to at CES understand and appreciate it, they themselves saw the real-life applications and the need for it. The intelligent questions and suggestions from those with whom we chatted indicated that they understand the impact the concept of a marketplace is set to have on the way people move around, and that there is a desire to be a part of the journey. 

We are focused on paving the road to the future of mobility in a way that opens the market up to fair competition, empowering businesses of all sizes. When we say that we want to democratize the mobility ecosystem, we mean it – we see a world in which all kinds of transportation are easily consumed and accessed, and where mobility service providers of all types across all geographies can reach new customers and use sophisticated technology and streamlined data to better serve them. We came back reenergized after our CES experience, and look forward to working even harder to keep raising the bar for what smart mobility will mean in five, ten, and twenty years. 

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