Liad Itzhak, SVP, Head of HERE Mobility

Connecting the Mobility World

What is HERE Mobility?

The last few years brought dramatic changes in the way people are moving from point A to point B. The traditional transportation industry is now going through rapid disruption which will redefine the way we will move in the future. One of those massive changes is the rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), redefining the mobility market. Even the use of the term ‘mobility’ over the traditional term of ‘transportation’ implies a deep change from a system-centric to a user-centric concept.

The mobility market is already a 150-200 billion-dollar market, and is estimated to grow to around 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030. We are at a critical, exciting point in time where we can influence the way the mobility world will look 15 and 20 years from now.

Unfortunately, this growing mobility market with its increased number of consumers is unreachable for the vast majority of potential service providers. The barriers to participate as an efficient mobility service provider are just too high for most, limiting access to the end-user and denying consumers real freedom of choice. Beyond limited access, there are also huge technological gaps among providers, creating an unbalanced mobility market.

Our mission is to enable fair competition in an open market for true freedom of choice, empowering businesses and consumers with access and options. We aim to democratize the mobility ecosystem by building this competitive marketplace and closing the technological gaps among the different players.

This rise of the mobility market reminds me of the meteoric rise of mobile internet usage by consumers. Companies like Facebook needed to re-focus and transition into a “mobile-first” company in order to secure their position in this fast-growing market. Such is the case for all players in the mobility ecosystem.

Our Products

At the heart of HERE Mobility is the Mobility Marketplace, which serves as a central hub for supplying and requesting mobility services, connecting the mobility world. Suppliers of any size, operating in any geography, can offer mobility services efficiently and effectively. Any entity requesting mobility services can compare, select, and consume such services using the Mobility Marketplace. It creates a necessary abstraction layer standardizing the connectivity to global mobility service providers.

But we don’t stop there, we also develop the necessary technology to allow every mobility service provider to be competitive in the market. Our Mobility Dispatch, launched today, is the first cornerstone in our state-of- the-art toolset for building the mobility ecosystem.

Mobility – Moving Forward

Our mission goes far beyond building tech-powered solutions. We aspire to build and define the mobility market of the future for today’s growing challenges. With our vision of enabling suppliers on both sides of the mobility landscape and empowering consumers, we will continue to evolve our suite of products. Technology and access to data are often key differentiators for larger companies, and opening up the market provides an equal opportunity for all players to thrive. We are excited to push mobility into the future with our focus on accessible, streamlined mobility that keeps us connected.

Liad Itzhak, SVP, Head of HERE Mobility

Liad Itzhak is the SVP, Head of HERE Mobility. Liad is passionate about driving the next revolution of the mobility ecosystem, and brings vast experience as a prominent authority in the world of smart mobility, with expertise in consumer apps and Big Data. Prior to leading HERE Mobility, Liad built key units at Waze/Google from the ground up, including Data, Maps and QA, and led the data strategy of the company, turning Waze into a data-driven organization.

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