COVID-19: Get Our Transportation Management Technologies

COVID-19: Get Our Transportation Management Technologies for Free

Today more than ever, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a necessity: to transfer passengers, food, essential goods, and more. At the same time, transportation providers are facing unprecedented challenges due to the changing situation. 

For the past few weeks, we've been sharing our technology with governments and organizations to help them optimize their mobility services as well as with transportation suppliers that are shifting their business model to help those in need. 

We provide the following technologies for fleets: 

  • Dispatch solution: our free dispatch system is a smart digital tool to manage drivers and vehicles. With this solution, fleet managers can easily create, distribute, and monitor rides. It comes with a Drive App to ease communication with drivers. 
  • Optimizer solution: our new technology, the HERE Mobility Optimizer, is a solution based on machine learning and advanced algorithms, that optimizes scheduling and routes for pre-booked rides, allowing fleets to reduce costs significantly while improving efficiency up to 40%.

We hope that it'll be helpful for you like it has been for many others. 

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    About HERE Mobility

    HERE Mobility is the leading global and open marketplace for all transportation services. We create cutting-edge technologies to offer transportation providers smart tools to improve efficiency and digitize their services.

    HERE Mobility’s technological solutions make urban mobility seamless, efficient, and sustainable while optimizing traveling routes to reduce traffic and pollution.

    HERE Mobility in numbers: 

    • 700+ business partners
    • 2.5 million vehicles 
    • 100 cities
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