From Good to Great: How Your Hotel Concierge Can Earn 5 Stars


A concierge is the face of a hotel. Often stationed at the entrance of the lobby, a hotel concierge plays a vital role in setting the tone for a guest’s experience. They’re available to answer any question or request and alleviate frustrations a guest might have.  

In many ways, their work is like that of a smartphone; constantly connected to a wealth of information on command and relaying it as needed. That doesn’t mean smartphones will render a concierge obsolete; it’s quite the contrary. Leveraging technology allows a concierge to up their game and give guests even more today than years ago.  

This can be seen when looking at the traditional concept of room service. Having seen a significant decline in recent years, hotels understand that mobile devices can play a crucial role in the resurgence of room service. In fact, there is an 18% increase in room service orders when made via a mobile device, proving that guests are seeking mobile interaction during their stay. Of course, it’s not just mobile technology that can enhance the guest experience, in-room technology also plays a big role, with 65% of guests saying they are more likely to return to a hotel that provides the technology they consider essential. Concierges and hotel staff can tap into this trend in order to improve guest satisfaction.

Today’s travelers are savvy, and their expectations are high. Because travel often brings about stress and unpredictable events, it’s essential that hotel staff–particularly concierges, are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to provide excellent customer service. Even more so, they need to know how to anticipate the needs of a guest and bring about a personal touch. Good customer service paves the way to a positive customer experience, and hotels that provide a positive customer experience are the ones that stand out.  In today’s digital age, both positive and negative guest experiences tend to make it onto travel review sites, so it’s important for hotel concierges to go above and beyond when servicing a client.  


Hotel guests rely on concierges to help them experience the local scene. Whether it’s through restaurants, nightlife, concerts, events, or sightseeing tours, a concierge usually holds the key to the best a city has to offer. A good concierge can get you a table at a restaurant that is fully booked, they can get you on the VIP list at the most popular nightclub, and they know all the happenings around town at any given time. Although tourists today are more self-sufficient with the help of websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, concierges offer personal connectivity, taking what they know about a guest and tailoring recommendations accordingly. A good concierge has the innate skillset needed to go above and beyond. 

A huge part of experiencing a new city or country is getting around. Guests need to get to the restaurant or to the big game across town–and a concierge helps get them there the best way possible. Traditionally, concierges work closely with local taxi companies or an in-house shuttle service, but after a taxi is hailed off the street or directions are shown on the map, the real opportunity for a concierge to help a guest is gone. With the HERE Mobility Concierge Console, a concierge can provide a seamless transportation experience that best suits a guest’s needs.   


The console connects to the HERE Mobility Marketplace and presents all available transportation options in real-time. If a guest prefers to take public transportation, a concierge can simply send directions from the Console to a guest’s phone. Alternatively, a concierge can order or pre-book a ride, and monitor and track all rides happening in real-time, ensuring the best service and eliminating a common stress that travelers often encounter. Ultimately, knowing more about where a guest is going during their stay allows for hotel staff to better serve and better address all of the common requests a person might have. This above all else is what makes a concierge great; listening to and anticipating the needs of their guests, and then providing them with excellent service.   


When it comes down to it, hotels thrive on the quality of service they offer and the satisfaction of the guests. Concierges are the main points of contact for guests, and it’s up to them to go above and beyond to provide an outstanding stay.  


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