HERE Mobility Launches Two Products Dedicated to Revolutionizing the Mobility Ecosystem

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Smart Mobility Market Growth

The smart mobility market stands at 150 - 200 billion dollars today, and is expected to grow to 1.5 trillion dollars by the year 2030(1).

Urban mobility is primed for dramatic change, and consumer demand is driving that change. However, the current mobility market is hyper-fragmented and lacks a clear protocol, with huge technological gaps between the large established providers and the smaller players, not enabling a truly free and competitive market. We at HERE Mobility are striving to democratize the mobility ecosystem, setting a new standard of equality for all players with the launch of two products: The Mobility Marketplace and The Mobility Dispatch.

HERE Mobility Marketplace Connects Supply and Demand

The HERE Mobility Marketplace is a cutting-edge software solution that serves as a central hub for supplying and requesting mobility services. There is currently no one solution that offers the user the ability to compose their journey from one place. It is exactly this void that the HERE Mobility Marketplace was conceived to address. Serving as more than just an aggregator, it enables both sides of the supply/demand spectrum to easily connect through a single, standardized point of contact for all mobility service types. Any business of any size, anywhere, can offer multiple mobility service options to best fit consumer needs. Moreover, the ease of plugging into the Mobility Marketplace through a variety of different customizable interfaces means adapting to your business needs and your customer’s expectations. Meet your customer at different points along his digital or physical journey and weave answers to mobility service needs into your business solution to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Mobility Marketplace increases exposure and demand for suppliers, and allows customers to easily compare and select the best alternative for them.

Additionally, we are releasing a beta of The Mobility SDK to enable demand partners to develop applications, connecting to the Marketplace with mobility features for managing rides within their own interface. Functioning as an all-encompassing one-stop shop, the Mobility Marketplace is influencing how people view the very concept of transportation, and expanding our boundaries of what’s conceivable in how people expect to get from place to place with increased access and ease.

HERE Mobility Dispatch Closes Technology Gaps

Furthering our mission to democratize the mobility market is HERE Mobility Dispatch. The Mobility Dispatch system closes gaps in technology among suppliers, providing an effortlessly- connected, facilitated fleet utilization and optimization management experience for companies of all sizes. Mobility Dispatch improves fleet utilization by tens of percentage points, helping close the technology gap that increases efficiency for larger companies but leaves smaller suppliers behind. Making use of big data and machine learning, HERE Mobility Dispatch relies on proprietary algorithms for fleet utilization and optimization. Harnessing native connection to the HERE Mobility Marketplace, the system increases demand while improving utilization, coordination and tracking with modern technology and superior maps and navigation.

Plugging into the Mobility Marketplace through HERE Mobility Dispatch allows greater access, exposure, and analytics. Tapping in using Mobility Dispatch also allows mobility service providers to benefit from the insight gathered based on all activity in their areas including demand prediction. The enriched connection to real-time and real-world information results in invaluable data, broadening and deepening the knowledge base, saving time and money and maximizing resources.

Redefining the Mobility Landscape

At HERE Mobility we are passionate about a shared vision for the future of mobility, and every decision we make reflects our drive toward the revolution we see coming, the change we want to lead.

The mobility ecosystem is ready for disruption, and we want to provide technological solutions that allow all suppliers and demand partners to facilitate movement. We want to pave the way for a mobility world with a satisfied end consumer. A world in which mobility is simplified and streamlined.

1. McKinsey & Company, Automobile revolution – a perspective towards 2030, Advanced Industries, January 2016
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