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Embracing Consumer’s High Expectations with Smart Mobility

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, with high expectations and low tolerance for incompetence or inefficiency. In the context of today’s on-demand mentality, mobility services have evolved, but the ecosystem remains fragmented. HERE Mobility brings tech-powered solutions to help address today’s growing challenges and lay the groundwork to improve the future of mobility.

We have just launched the Mobility Marketplace and Mobility Dispatch, and are thrilled to be at CES in Las Vegas to show our technology directly to those it will affect the most: key stakeholders in businesses that provide supply and demand in the mobility arena, with a huge ripple effect down to the customers who are enabled and empowered by new mobility choices and increased freedom. These products will change the way mobility is perceived and consumed.

Enabling Businesses, Empowering Customers

At HERE Mobility, we use technology as a means of connecting - with each other and with the world around us. People are at the center of everything that we envision and everything we do. Mobility is the ultimate enabler, and our products facilitate freedom of motion by democratizing what is currently an environment filled with obstacles. These barriers prevent players from having an equal chance to thrive in a disjointed and limiting mobility ecosystem.

We developed our products to create a level playing field, closing gaps in technology and ease of access to the benefit of all businesses and consumers. We are featuring the capabilities of our new products at CES, the event for consumer technology – a who’s who and what’s what of developments and coming trends, focusing on the ways in which the Mobility Marketplace can be utilized to improve and streamline business offerings and the customer experience from end to end.         

Mobility Marketplace – Upgrading Your Business and the Customer Experience

The HERE Mobility Marketplace revolutionizes the ecosystem with potential to truly change the mobility world. Part of the power lies in the simple access it provides to entities on both sides of the supply and demand pendulum.

Our CES product experience walks through sample use cases, showing how any entity can plug in and utilize the Mobility Marketplace to address common pain points for businesses, employees, and customers. It features four scenarios wherein the matching of supply and demand is enabled to facilitate smart mobility and freedom of choice. These are just four examples, not limited to any one vertical or industry, as the applications and approaches are nearly endless.

A Dashboard for Comprehensive Mobility Offerings

For customer-facing businesses such as hotels, there is always the need to improve the quality of service. It isn’t enough to care for your customer’s direct needs only as related to your product or within the parameters of your business - it’s the extent of the whole experience and going above and beyond that is the differentiator to encourage customer loyalty.

Through an easy-to-manage dashboard, hotel concierges improve the customer experience and offer intelligent transportation services. Using this dashboard, the concierge can expose an array of mobility services to make any point of interest accessible. Showing a variety of options allows hotels to adapt to needs, facilitate the process for both the end user and the concierge himself who can be more knowledgeable and more efficient, and upgrade how offers are presented and booked.

Further, the insight and business analytics the hotel can compile by streamlining mobility offerings can open up new opportunities for partnerships, help define best practices,  understand consumer trends and needs, and much more. This is an invaluable benefit to the hotel in addition to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The use of this dashboard can easily be adapted to other businesses and scenarios as well.

The Mobility Marketplace Web Widget -  The Customer Door-to-Door Experience

When it comes to booking or buying online, customers seek more than just the best price. Customers want to be helped along their entire journey, from the digital and purchasing elements to before during, and after the experience itself. In our demo for airlines, we illustrate how a web widget helps a customer complete a more satisfactory package purchase.

The HERE Mobility Marketplace solves for airlines their customers’ first and last miles as part of the purchase process, with easy pre-booking of mobility services. Airlines can clearly demonstrate the benefit to the consumer through this smart integration and are able to guide the traveler across the entire journey, winning the battle for customer experience, customer loyalty, and retention. Airlines gain from bundling services and attracting customers, and dozens of other types of businesses and sites could benefit from the web widget in the same way. From concert venues to online restaurant booking sites, this experience is easily adaptable to improve the digital offering of any company.

Putting the Power in the Consumer’s Hands- Self-Service Kiosks

In our retail self-service kiosk demo, we note how easy it is to provide an aggregator of all mobility services for the end-user to compare and consume the most appropriate services.

Positioning convenient self-service kiosks around any venue (whether it be a shopping mall, a train station, city center, courthouse, or any other point of interest) to be used directly by the commuter himself goes a long way to empower the consumer to take his comfort and control into his own hands with accessibility and choice.

The Drive to Help Employees Succeed – Simplifying Rides for Groups with a Convenient Dashboard

Our demo shows how a workplace can easily handle transportation of employees on a recurring basis, for special occasions, or for one-time events.

With an easy-to-use management dashboard, an office manager can easily coordinate multiple rides and multiple routes, simplifying the everyday commute. Set daily pickups for various buses from different destinations to work, and manage them as you note patterns of behavior.

The essence of this capability is the way it eases care for transportation for any cohort or group of people within a larger pool, and allows for adjustment and understanding as you go. Workplaces manage dozens or even hundreds of vehicles taking employees to and from work in multiple cities on a daily basis and can optimize along the way, changing routes based on popularity of stops, changing vehicle types based on low occupancy, and more.

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Have to Stay in Vegas – Mobility Moving Forward

CES is in many ways the pinnacle of consumer tech events, with expectations building up to this spectacle. Our CES experience is just the tip of the iceberg. The next mobility revolution is underway, and HERE Mobility is at the forefront, with the vision and the technology to back it up.

We invite you to join us at the HERE Technologies booth to experience the Mobility Marketplace hands-on and see the amazing ramifications it will have in connecting the mobility world.

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