HERE Mobility Hackathon Tel Aviv Sneak Peek

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In just a few hours 5 standout teams will compete in the HERE Mobility Hackathon at TechCrunch Tel Aviv for a guaranteed semi-finalist slot at TechCrunch’s Disrupt San Francisco Hackathon. The winning team will win round-trip tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt SF and entry into the Disrupt Hackathon Demo Area with eligibility for the overall Hackathon Prize.

Check out the teams and their hacks and don’t forget to vote for your favorite! Your vote could make the difference between 2nd place and the grand prize. So make sure to vote for your winning team!

All you need to do is hashtag your favorite teams' name on Facebook or Twitter and tag @HEREMobility.


Made by: Josh Sorokin

ARTrek uses an iPhone’s camera display to display real-time location and ride information with an augmented reality interface. Users will see a marker positioning their ride within a 3D space along with all the ride details. Enabling an intuitive understanding of the ride’s relative position to the users' surroundings.


Made by: Dr. Eli Safra & Eran Reuveny

Get 2 Event is a mobility application designed for mega-events. It can handle mass routing to a destination by informing users about the best way to arrive at their destination given all other travelers itineraries. The app is designed to handle complex destination such as mega-events area (i.e. Stadiums. Concert halls, open park concerts) where there are several public transportation services as well as growing number of social mobility options (Ride sharing, Car sharing, Shuttles & more).


Made by: Amichai Blau, Amir Markievicz, Guy Scher & Roee Schmidt

Get2Work is a b2b/b2g platform tailored to help companies and other organizations to optimize company travel through transportation selection incentives. Companies can choose to incentivize any mix of transportation modes and reasons such as ride pooling, electric cars, cheapest fares, etc. At the end of the month, employees will receive bonuses according to what they have saved for the company.


Made by: Lior Resisi, Natalie Label & Etan Bar-Peled

HappyRide is an in route mobility engagement and management platform for events. The application lets users focus on the social aspects of the event they are about to attend while dealing with the logistics of traveling in the background. The app also helps event organizers prepare for arrival influxes through real-time insights. Enabling them to adjust entrances, personnel, etc before bottlenecks hit.


Made by: Yong Zhun Hung, Phang Ye Sheng, Vu Xuan Minh & Song Jingwen

The Traverse application brings rental cars to the sharing economy. Connecting travelers that want the freedom of exploration that comes with car rentals but without the bureaucracy. Travelers that want to share costs will be connected to users who cannot rent a car on their own. The app will also allow in-route rental transfers – lowering the overhead costs for all travelers on the journey.

In a few hours, all our teams will be presenting their hacks on stage. Come to listen, vote for your favorite, and don’t forget to share!

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