Improve Your NEMT Fleet Efficiency up to 40%! Offer More Rides While Reducing Costs

May 25, 2020 |
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HERE Mobility Optimizer: Improve Your Fleet Efficiency up to 40%

Today more than ever, getting patients to and from medical appointments is critical. In order to help Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers manage their services in the most productive way, we've created a powerful technology that optimizes scheduling and routes for pre-booked rides. Based on machine learning and advanced algorithms, the HERE Mobility Optimizer allows NEMT fleets to increase efficiency and effectiveness – and ultimately, to improve their bottom line. 

Benefits of the HERE Mobility Optimizer for NEMT providers: 

  • Increase efficiency: Optimize driver routes and ride distribution to increase your fleet efficiency up to 40%. 

  • Improve your bottom line: Free up cars for extra rides while reducing mileage, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs. 

  • Ensure driver retention: Offer more rides to your drivers and distribute them evenly to increase their satisfaction. 

  • Save time and errors with one smart tool: Save time and avoid human error by digitizing your fleet management for pre-booked rides.  

How does it work? 

Simply upload your list of pickup and drop-off locations and our software will process and optimize your scheduling and routes automatically.  

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About HERE Mobility

HERE Mobility is the leading global and open marketplace for all transportation services. We create cutting-edge technologies to offer transportation providers smart tools to improve efficiency and digitize their services.

HERE Mobility’s technological solutions make urban mobility seamless, efficient, and sustainable while optimizing traveling routes to reduce traffic and pollution.

HERE Mobility in numbers: 

  • 700+ business partners
  • 2.5 million vehicles 
  • 100 cities
| April 01, 2020
I look for job transport
HERE Mobility
| April 08, 2020
Hi Anthony,

We provide transportation technology to fleets to help them optimize their services. If you are looking for a job in transport it might be worthwhile contacting local transport businesses to see what jobs they have available.

Good luck in your search.

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