Irit Singer, Head of Marketing

Looking Back at CES 2019

The HERE Mobility team kicked off 2019 with a bang at CES in Las Vegas. It was a truly memorable experience as we launched SoMo, a first-of-its-kind transportation app that adds a social layer to mobility, allowing users to plan, share and ride alone or with friends in a seamless and easy way. There was no better place than CES for SoMo to make its big debut. Being around cutting-edge technology in an atmosphere of innovation and excitement was inspiring and the energy was contagious. In addition to the launch of SoMo, we also shared how our smart mobility solutions are driving the future of smart cities.  

HERE Mobility at CES

Making Mobility Social  

Adding a social layer to mobility was a concept that people at CES really connected with. We had thought-provoking conversations with analysts, mobility professionals, and consumers who confirmed what we knew all along: a piece of the mobility puzzle was missing, and we were delivering the solution. People want to share rides with people they trust, and they want total freedom to decide who they ride with and how they get there. SoMo eases the communication around the complexity of arranging shared rides with people you want to share rides with.  


Our Vision for Smart Cities  

While SoMo created a lot of buzz at CES, our Smart Cities booth garnered a lot of attention as well. We have made it our mission to create a better future for mobility and completely revolutionize the mobility ecosystem. At CES we showed how the HERE Mobility Marketplace is helping cities become smart cities. We’re helping cities analyze people movement and mobility patterns in order to improve the way people are moving from A to B.  It was a privilege to stand alongside other leaders in smart mobility technology and see firsthand how together, we can change our cities.  

Now that we are back from CES, we are continuing to ride on the momentum and work even harder to make our vision for smart mobility a reality. We are thrilled that our holistic mobility solution can reach even more businesses and consumers and are excited for the year to come.

Irit Singer, Head of Marketing

Irit Singer is Head of Marketing at HERE Mobility.

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