Why You Should Come Meet Us at CES 2020

Why You Should Come Meet Us at CES 2020

2020 marks the third time that HERE Mobility will attend CES, and we can’t wait to share the major accomplishments we’ve achieved since the launch of our transportation marketplace at CES 2018. We’ve come a long way in the last two years: it hasn’t always been easy, but it was definitely the most exciting adventure. We grew, evolved and enhanced our products and strategy incredibly fast. Today we are proud to partner with major players from various industries, making a noticeable difference if the entire mobility ecosystem.

The Change in the Mobility Ecosystem 

At this year’s CES, you can expect some of the mobility players to make headlines. Smart cities, Mobility as a Service and smart transportation in general, are becoming one of the focal points of the show. The reason for that is very simple: urban transportation has to change, and tech players know it. Mobility has evolved a lot in the last few years: it started with private hires and ride hailing services, then we saw the rise of micro-mobility (shared bikes, scooters etc.), and today we are moving towards multimodal mobility. HERE Mobility predicted this need and our open transportation marketplace is designed for that: providing all transportation services to businesses and customers through one single interface. And this year is show time!

Meet us at CES 2020 to hear what our smart transportation solutions can do for your business>  

The Growth of HERE Mobility 

It’s our third CES and we can already see a huge change. In 2018 we presented the vision of the HERE Mobility Marketplace. This year, we will show how this vision translated to actual use-cases from our partners and to impressive numbers. For us, growing a start-up in a few years to become the mobility solution we’ve become today is a huge achievement. We successfully created and adapted our products as we moved and today, we got to the point in our maturity where we can answer the needs of a wide variety of industries: from hospitality to finance, travel tech, stadiums & venues, assistance, and more. But you should definitely come and hear it for yourself. 

Why CES and What It Means

For us, CES is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our partners and to explore new potential partnerships on the biggest technology stage in the world. As innovative tech players, and in particular of the mobility field, being present at CES is a must. As mentioned, we’re on the verge of a revolution and are only seeing the tip of the iceberg for what is about to come. With that in mind, helping businesses enrich their offering and improve their customer experience with (truly) smart transportation is our engagement and our mission. 

Meet us at CES 2020

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