Mobility Conferences to Look Forward to in 2019

 Mobility Conferences to Look Forward to in 2019

Mobility as a Service is continuing to change the way people are moving from A to B. As the industry rapidly progresses around the world, it can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest developments. Fortunately, there are scores of conferences within the mobility and MaaS world that allow professionals to network, gain a unique insight, and learn about the latest happenings in the industry. 

We’re taking a closer look at some of the upcoming events focused around mobility, MaaS, and transportation technology.

MaaS 2019 (May 2, Melbourne) 

This full day conference is an opportunity for transportation technology professionals to network and learn more about the future potential of MaaS globally while exploring new concepts and technologies in the consumer space. Topics include Government Perspectives and Policy Framework, Developing a Competitive Ecosystem, Better Outcomes and Options for Customers, Rural and Regional Solutions, Inclusive and Accessible Transportation, and more.   

UITP Global Public Transport Summit (June 9-12, Stockholm) 

UITP Global Public Transport Summit is the world’s largest event on sustainable mobility, covering urban and regional transport methods and the solutions and innovations that power them. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘The Art of Public Transport,’ and the summit is sure to encourage new partnerships, innovation, and networking.  

MaaS Scotland Annual Conference and Dinner  (June 20, Scotland) 

Hosted by MaaS Scotland, this annual dinner is centered around recent developments and projects in Mobility as a Service. Attendees from the MaaS supply chain, technology providers and systems integrators, transport operators, and regional and national transport authorities convene to explore projects around rural connectivity, inclusive mobility services, investment and business models, modal shift and active travel.  

New Mobility World (September 10-15, Germany) 

New Mobility World 2019 will focus on automated driving, connectivity in urban areas, clean power and motor, smart cities and MaaS. Decision makers from across a variety of sectors make up 63% of attendees, making it a great opportunity to connect and shape the future of mobility and transport.  

Urban Mobility Summit (October 16-17)  

This year’s congress will be tackling issues of climate change and pollution, two important considerations when expanding on the concept of mobility in the attempts to decrease traffic congestion. Topics will include AI, smart infrastructure, Mobility-as-a-Service and disruptive business and economic models that will become more commonplace in the future cityscape. 

ITS World Congress 2019 (October 21-25, Singapore) 

The 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress is the world’s leading transport technology congress. This year the congress is focusing on a variety of areas, including Crowdsourcing and Big Data Analytics, Intelligent, Connected, and Automated Vehicles, Sustainable Cities, and more.  

LA CoMotion (Nov 14-15, Los Angeles) 

LA CoMotion is an expo that is divided into a leadership conference and a mobility festival. The two-day conference brings leaders together from the industry to speak on policies and innovations around a sustainable urban future. The festival is an open and free event for the public to experience new mobility technologies and take part in workshops, demos, and more. Speakers include Elli Casson, Head of Local Policy at Waymo, Eric Allison, the Head of Aviation Programs at Uber, Tom Madrecki, the Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility at UPS, and many more. 

Solutrans 2019 (Nov 19-23, France) 

Solutrans is an exhibition for road and urban transportation professionals. Expect discussions on new and innovative transportation methods by road and by air for carriers and shippers, with discussions on connected trucks, cybersecurity during transport, and new fields within the supply chain and logistics sectors of the industry. 

Smart Mobility Congress 2019 (November 19-21, Barcelona) 

The Smart Mobility Congress is a multi-sectoral event that discusses a multitude of developments in mobility and smart cities. Last year’s congress focused on how smart mobility is reshaping our cities and how we can tackle the urban mobility challenges that modern cities and economies are facing. While this year’s program has not been released yet, we’re sure to see thought leaders and innovators leading discussions and in-depth sessions.   

So, how do you choose from all the conferences happening around the world? Ask yourself what you’re looking to get out of attending and do some investigating on what people have shared in previous years. Factor in time away from work and costs, and you’ll make the decision that best serves your needs. Remember to look out for any sessions that will be livestreamed if you can’t attend. This industry is rapidly expanding, so keep your finger on the pulse and try your best to attend at least one event in 2019! 

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