Your Favorite Articles of 2019 Revealed!

Your Favorite Articles of 2019 Revealed!

2019 was an amazing year for us and we can’t wait for 2020! As the mobility industry is evolving, we are proud to see the excitement around the HERE Mobility Marketplace. Today, we help hundreds of businesses around the globe to enhance their customer experience and increase their value with our smart transportation solutions - making urban mobility more efficient for everyone. If you want to hear more, we will be attending CES for the third time this January to present success stories from our major partners and you’re more than welcome to join us there!

To celebrate the end the year, we've highlighted the pieces of content that you enjoyed the most – by the way, thank you for reading us. So, strap in and let’s take a look at some of the blog posts that got people clicking, scrolling, and sharing in 2019.

4 Insightful Mobility Stories From Our Partners 

As HERE Mobility grows, so too does the number of partners we work with providing smart transportation services to their customers. One post, published this month, quickly gained traction after it highlighted some of their most compelling mobility stories.

Find out what our partners say about our solutions> 

3 Transportation Trends Your Business Should Care About

We monitored a bunch of technology trends and how they pertain to transportation. One of our most popular posts this year highlighted some of these trends and how they will affect businesses. Notably, we discuss autonomous delivery, smart information businesses, and helping employees with their commute. 

Discover these 3 transportation trends for businesses>

7 Hospitality Technology Trends Every Hotel Should Care About

Outside of transportation and mobility, you were also interested in other industries that can benefit from new technologies. We presented the tech trends that permeate many aspects of the hotel experience, ranging from automated check-ins and check-outs to smart concierge and mobility solutions.

Check out how hotels are keeping up with technology>

e-Book: The State of Mobility in 2019 

Finally, one of the most shared pieces of content this year was our very first e-book! After surveying more than 20,000 people from several countries, we gathered our findings into our e-book highlighting the state of mobility in 2019. In this original research we reveal critical findings in regard to the present and the potential future of mobility.

Download your copy of our e-book here>

For now, we wish you a happy holiday period and can’t wait to see you back in 2020. Happy New Year!

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