MOVE 2020: A Summary of This Incredible Event

HERE Mobility at MOVE 2020

We attended MOVE for the first time this year and it was one of the best experiences we’ve had so far. As the one of the world’s most important mobility events and a global stage for start-ups engineering the future of transportation, we naturally had to present the HERE Mobility Marketplace at the show. The meaningful discussions we had with media, influencers and major companies, reinforced the conviction that we are creating an ecosystem that is not only beneficial for cities and businesses: it’s a real necessity. This is what happened at MOVE, in London, and why it was so special for us:  

What happened at MOVE 2020 

Similarly to this year’s CES, our goal was not only to present our product’s vision but to share and showcase the concrete ways our partners use our transportation marketplace. Surrounded by a huge curved screen, our 1000’s of visitors experienced the future of mobility from the perspective of various industries and locations. If an image is worth a thousand words so, we’ll let you do the math for the value of such an immersive experience. The feedback we received from the professionals who came to visit our booth was extremely positive and insightful. 



The reason behind this success lies in the fact that our business model, product flexibility, and competitive advantages are changing the face of the mobility industry as we know it.  

Disrupting the disruptors: the necessity for a new model 

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of Liad Itzhak, Head of HERE Mobility, on the topic “Disrupting the disrupters: A neutral and open global mobility marketplace”.  He had the opportunity to speak about our company’s mission and to explain why there is a real need to break the monopoly of ride-hailing giants. By opening the mobility market to every player with our marketplace, we aim to generate healthy competition as well as to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the transportation ecosystem. This is the very reason HERE Mobility was created and the challenge we have taken upon ourselves. 

You can watch the full keynote here.

What’s next for HERE Mobility? 

We came to MOVE to share our major partners’ testimonials, industry use-cases and some of our key achievements. As of today, with over 2.5 million vehicles and more than 700 business partners, we are already bringing the future of mobility to 100 operational cities – saving 150,000 KMs a day for the planet. We are proud to create such strategic partnerships that are shaping the future of transportation, making cities smarter and more efficient. Take a look at the video below to get a further taste of how our mobility marketplace is making an impact.  



These testimonials and the positive feedback we experienced at MOVE 2020 are the reason why our teams won’t stop working to create powerful technologies that will take the mobility ecosystem to the next level.

MOVE’s slogan is “Mobility Re-Imagined". This is exactly what we do, we are fully committed to shaping a new mobility ecosystem, more open, competitive, efficient and sustainable.  

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| March 22, 2020

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