Sivan Marron Kairi, Product Marketing Manager

NOAH19 Tel Aviv: Mobility & Travel of the Future

In just a few days, innovators from across the technology world will come together at NOAH Tel Aviv. We’re particularly excited for the Mobility & Travel of the Future program, where leaders from the mobility and travel industries will discuss the way these sectors are evolving and how technology is playing an essential role in their growth.    

“We see mobility as the big vertical to digitize and expect this level to remain for the next years,” says Marco Rodzynek, founder and CEO of NOAH. “We are moving from ownership to a shared model. There will be several options to move from A to B with various differentiation factors, including price, comfort, privacy, safety, speed, availability.” The digitization of mobility has certainly allowed businesses in the travel industry to deliver a better customer experience. In this customer-centric age, we’re seeing more platforms, products, and services in the travel industry that aim to deliver a better customer experience.  

Businesses are expanding their offering and giving customers more freedom of choice and more accessibility to the services they seek. A natural technological synergy for the travel industry is to bring customer transportation services into the picture. At HERE Mobility, we strive to make mobility services easy to use and accessible to everyone.  

HERE Mobility Marketplace Kiosk

“We see a direct connection between mobility and the travel industry as we aim to democratize the mobility world through our HERE Mobility Marketplace,” says Liad Itzhak, SVP, Head of HERE Mobility, who will be speaking at NOAH Tel Aviv. “We’ve developed products that help businesses cover their customers’ door-to-door journey and we’re seeing our vision come to life every day in cities around the world.” More hotels, museums, and co-working spaces are incorporating the HERE Mobility Marketplace into their offering, improving the customer experience by taking care of their customers’ first and last mile. 

Companies in the travel industry are working to provide a positive experience for their customers, and digital mobility solutions are that missing piece. The Smart Mobility market opens up more opportunity for business across the travel industry to improve their customer experience by providing door-to-door solutions. At HERE Mobility, we are thrilled to be part of this revolution and are excited to see what the future holds.   

Join HERE Mobility at NOAH19 in Tel Aviv on April 10th and 11th

Sivan Marron Kairi, Product Marketing Manager

Sivan Kairi is the Mobility Marketplace PMM at HERE Mobility.

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