4 Insightful Mobility Stories From Our Partners

4 Insightful Mobility Stories From Our Partners

We’ve certainly come a long way since we launched the HERE Mobility Marketplace at CES 2018. In that time, we have partnered with major businesses from a wide range of industries all around the world. As a leading open and global transportation marketplace, we provide our partners with cutting-edge technology enabling them to offer all transportation services, pre-booked or on-demand, to their customers. 

Of course, our greatest achievement comes from the success our solutions bring to our business partners. We're committed to help them enrich their offering with smart transportation, ultimately, enhancing their business value and increasing their customer loyalty.

Read on for insightful mobility stories from our partners:   

Wirecard: Integrating smart transportation into financial digital services

As a global innovation leader for financial technology, Wirecard’s ecosystem allows for global payment acceptance. Wirecard, predicts that “commerce on the move” is the “new megatrend.” Therefore, integrating smart transportation services into their current digital platform is the necessary next step. 

Wirecard Michael Santner

As an initial project, the HERE Mobility Marketplace will be integrated into boon.PLANET, Wirecard’s digital banking and payment app. This integration will allow boon.PLANET users to search, book and pay for rides using our mobility marketplace without leaving the app. Additionally, Wirecard plans to integrate our smart transportation services allowing for an integrated payment flow for merchants in the travel and leisure industry. 

“Combined with our smart mobility solutions, we see our joint projects with Wirecard as having an enormous potential to revolutionize mobility services on a global scale.”  Liad Itzhak, SVP Head at HERE Mobility. 

Medical Travel Companions: Improving ground transportation efficiency for travelers requiring assistance

For the 1 billion people worldwide living with a disability, travel is complicated. Our partnership with Medical Travel Companions (MTC) will help travelers who require assistance to be connected to a mobility service that best fits their needs, whether this be handicap accessibility or more affordable options. 

“We understand that a significant part of the population struggles every time they need to travel, and that transportation should be accessible and easy to use for all.” Liad Itzhak, SVP Mobility at HERE Mobility. 

Our partnerships with various local transportation suppliers enable MTC to provide smooth and reliable ground transportation services to their customers. By using our technology, MTC can book and manage all their clients’ rides in a seamless and efficient digital way via one single dashboard. 

“The Mobility Marketplace’s concierge service is the easiest, most seamless system for providing this added service to our valued clients.” Ben Wilson, CEO of Medical Travel Companions 

ESTELAR Parque de la 93. Providing door-to-door transportation services for hotel guests.  

With travelers' expectations higher than ever, it’s becoming a must for hospitality businesses to offer the most complete experience to their customers. Bogota based, hotel ESTELAR Parque de la 93 understands that, and continually strives to enrich their offering in order to exceed customer expectations. For the hotel, which is managed by Colombia’s leading hotel chain, anticipating guests’ transportation needs is essential. 

Before utilizing our solutions, the hotel had to use different tools in order to answer their customers’ transportation needs. From now on, they can use one single platform, the HERE Mobility Marketplace, to satisfy their guests’ mobility requirements. 

“By offering our guests better transportation options we can impact their experience during their stay with us. It doesn’t matter if it is a business trip or just a fun visit, getting around in Bogota can be tricky and stressful and by offering better transportation options through the HERE Mobility marketplace we can improve our guests’ experience.” Wolf Alexandrovich, General Manager of ESTELAR Parque de la 93.

ARC Europe Group. Enhancing roadside assistance through smart mobility.   

ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of B2B roadside assistance services in Europe with a network in more than 40 European countries. 

ARC, Stefano Sarti

Anticipating future customer demand for the digitalization of mobility services, ARC Europe partnered with us to explore the solution of offering a taxi (in the context of roadside assistance) through our mobility marketplace. Their customers will then not only be able to request and track the assistance patrol vehicle from any digital interface (smartphone or car dashboard) but also to request, book, and, track a taxi in real-time.


With mobility becoming a must-have service for businesses, we will increasingly see the impact that our solutions have on the innovative businesses we partner with. By integrating our mobility marketplace, our partners can enrich their offering with transportation services, stay relevant in the life of consumers, and, ultimately improve the overall experience for their customers.   

It’s time to understand what our transportation solutions can do for your business.  Meet us at CES 2020 to hear how>  

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