Smart Cities: Best Conferences To Visit In 2020

Smart Cities: Best Conferences To Visit In 2020

As we enter a new year (and a new decade!) we will start to see countries around us changing and implementing policy and technology to foster Smart Cities. Urban areas are including technology to reduce traffic and congestion, as well as encourage its citizens to cycle or walk around. These cities will serve as inspiration for the rest of the world to follow suite and help create a more sustainable future. To help raise awareness of these new innovations, more conferences on Smart Cities are occurring across the world. Let's check out a few of the biggest conferences this year dedicated to creating a better future.

MOVE Mobility Re-Imagined (February 11-12, London, UK)

Why not start the decade off by completely 're-imagining' mobility? This year, HERE Mobility will be attending MOVE - a conference that sets to highlight the most disruptive technology that is needed to transform the industry. With more than 800 speakers from more than 250 startups, you'll hear from experts from companies like Nissan, Lyft, and Softbank - not to mention HERE Mobility's very own Head, Liad Itzhak! 

Smart City Summit & Expo (March 24-27, Taipei, Taiwan)

Taipei is the host for 2020's Smart City Summit & Expo. There, experts will meet to discuss the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and how its application can play a key part in governments and citizen services. By integrating AI into IoT services, we will hear how this decade will greet 'Smart Cities 2.0'. 

Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020 (May 6-8, Lisbon, Portugal)

As the weather gets warmer, why not book a trip to Lisbon and check out Portugal's Smart Cities Summit? The 3-day event will cover sustainability, digital platforms, and mobility with the aim to 'improve the lives of citizens around the world'. Ultimately, the aim is to bring people together and provide research and education opportunities for the businesses in the tech community.

ICF Summit 2020 (June 16-18, Dublin, Ohio) 

The ICF Summit is considered a more modest conference with a special focus on the construction of smart communities. The first day of the conference will highlight the developing partnerships with businesses and research institutions. After that, the summit is filled with a bunch of sessions and guests who are experts on the theme of From 'Smart' to 'Intelligent'. Finally, the third day focusses on urban and rural communities.    

Smart Urbanation 2020 (August 18-19, Mumbai, India)   

With an emphasis on developing Indian cities, Smart Urbanation is India’s leading place for government and private stakeholders to plan for India’s urban reality. More than 75 speakers will speak to over 2000 attendees and demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies that provide ways to make India a more workable, livable, and sustainable country.  

Smart City Solutions (October 13-15, Berlin, Germany) 

Smart City Solutions is generally a conference hosted for exhibitors, solution providers, and city leaders looking to grow their smart city capabilities. Usually, these focus on mobility and transportation, all the while making sure cities become more livable and sustainable. The conference is generally one that inspires decision-makers, solutions, and future concepts.

Smart Cities Week (Details coming soon!) 

While the details for 2020's Smart Cities Week haven't been announced quite yet, you're going to want to watch this space! In previous years, the conference takes place multiple times in different places - similar to Comic-Con.  For example, in November 2019, more than 400 people attended the Smart Cities Week in Sydney, Australia. There, industry leaders met to network and discuss the chances to make cities more sustainable through data solutions. 

Intelligent Cities Summit (November 3-4, Toronto, Canada) 

2020 marks the fifth annual Intelligent Cities Summit, which is usually centered around a theme.  The two-day event will invite international city leaders who share anecdotes on how to provide more intelligent services to their citizens. One major aspect this year will focus on bringing emergency services and libraries make into the mainstream. Will future cities make way for libraries? This conference will answer those questions.

Smart City Expo World Congress (November 17-19, Barcelona, Spain) 

This annual conference brings experts from across the world to discuss a myriad of subjects and ideas. Anything from mobility, to urban environments and their digital transformations - nothing is off the table! In 2019, experts shared the stage with government agencies, tech startups, large companies, and high representatives. It is expected that the end of 2020 will attract many industry leaders to a similar 'World Congress' in Barcelona. 
This new decade will bring with it countless of new technological and social changes. HERE Mobility will be at the center of these changes as industries across multiple verticals change with the times. Will you be interested in seeing where it takes us? Then make sure to sign up or stream these online. 

It's not too late to meet us at CES 2020! Book a meeting and let's talk all things smart transportation> 

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