Smart Cities Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

 Smart Cities Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

Cities around the world are rapidly changing and making strides towards becoming Smart Cities. Urban areas are incorporating technology to minimize traffic, congestion, and optimize people movement. These cities serve as the blueprint for the rest of the world and will help pave the way towards a better future. To help bring new innovations to light, conferences on Smart Cities are happening around the world. Here are a few you won’t want to miss.  

ICF Summit 2019 (June 11-13, New York) 

The ICF Summit is considered a more intimate conference with a focus on building intelligent communities. The first day of the conference is dedicated to developing strategic partnerships with companies and research institutions. The second day of the summit is filled with a variety of sessions and speakers around the theme of ‘Infinite Learning,’ and the third day is focused specifically on urban and rural communities.    

CIB World Building Congress 2019 (June 17-21, Hong Kong) 

The CIB World Building Congress provides a platform to explore smart city development and will cover topics across smart utilities, facilities management, smart governance, smart environment, smart service, smart buildings, smart transportation and mobility, and smart planning, design and construction. As the leading construction research and innovation conference in the world, attendees will get the knowledge they need to create a smarter, more sustainable cities of the future. 

International Conference on Smart Cities (July 17-19, South Korea) 

The ICSC Conference is composed of three tracks; Smart Buildings and Infrastructures, Smart Air, Water, Energy, and Transportation, and Smart Government and Operations. The conference is for smart city products and system manufacturers, smart city engineers and architects, urban designers, smart city builders, maintenance engineers, asset managers, government employees, and academic researchers. With an emphasis on building and infrastructure, this conference brings a unique value to attendees.  

3rd IEEE International Conference on Smart City Innovations (August 19-23, Leicester) 

This conference will focus on different theories and methodologies for building smart cities, including infrastructure, reliability, security, utilities consumption, and environmental modeling. It will also cover applications and industry practices such as healthcare service monitoring, sewage and water management, and transportation system planning. 

Smart City Solutions (September 17-19, Germany) 

As a meeting place for solution providers, exhibitors, and city leaders looking to develop smart cities, Smart City Solutions will be focusing on mobility and transport, energy and environment, security and resilience, urban and spatial planning, and open data and data management.  

Smart Urbanation 2019 (September 18-19, Bengaluru)   

With a focus on the development of cities in India, Smart Urbanation is India’s leading platform for government and private stakeholders to plan for India’s urban reality. A variety of sessions and panels will focus on strategic mobility planning, parking solutions, solar capabilities, and more to pave the way for higher quality of living across India.  

Smart Cities Week (September 30 – October 2, Washington DC) 

This annual conference aims to help communities become more livable, workable, and sustainable. The week is devoted to exploring and aligning opportunities through innovative smart city technologies and data solutions that can make a significant impact. Attendees will be able to attend sessions on Transportation as a Service, Smart City Progress, How Cities are Integrating Streaming Data, and much more.  

Intelligent Cities Summit (Oct 7-8, Toronto) 

The Intelligent Cities Summit is centered around the theme “How to Make Cities Efficient and Futuristic.” Attendees will have the chance to listen to top industry professionals and city officials speak on what it takes to establish an intelligent municipality and how cities can enhance processes in mobility, data privacy, and infrastructure. Plus, there will be a product showcase focusing on innovative solutions.  

Smart Cities Central and Eastern Europe (October 16, Cluj-Napoca) 

This conference will focus on how smart technologies can be used to improve transportation systems, waste management, retrofitting, redevelopment of abandoned spaces, and digitalization of services to boost economic development. This is an opportunity to learn from industry leaders on how to build a smarter future for all cities.  

Smart City Expo World Congress (November 19-21, Barcelona) 

This annual expo is an incredible opportunity for the smart city community to network and plan for smart urban development around the globe. While the program has not yet been released for this year’s conference, it will likely be focusing on mobility, urban environment, digital transformation, and inclusive and sharing cities.  

As the race towards Smart Cities becomes of growing importance, we’ll be seeing exciting developments that will help propel cities into the future. With so many conferences happening around the world, it can be difficult to decide which to attend. Check out which sessions will be live streamed and which conferences will post informative content on their blog so you can stay up to date on the latest happenings. 

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