Get a Smarter Shuttle Solution: Offer Your Employees a Fast, Safe, and Smooth Commute

May 26, 2020 |
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Get a Smart Shuttle Solution for Your Employees

One of the most important factors impacting employee satisfaction is transportation benefits. In the U.S, research revealed that more than 20% of employees have left their job because of a bad commute. In fact, a study even showed that adding 20 minutes more commuting time each day has the same effect on job satisfaction as taking a 19% pay cut. It’s safe to say that companies that offer convenient transportation to their employees can improve satisfaction, retention, and hiring attractiveness.  

Around the world, coronavirus safety concerns have significantly reduced the usage of public transportation. Therefore, offering a convenient commuting alternative is today more critical than ever for employers. At HERE Mobility, we understand that businesses need to adapt quickly to the changing mobility world. This is where our smart shuttle solution comes into the picture. Our technology allows companies to manage digitally all their employees’ shuttles while controlling essential safety aspects of the rides. On their side, the employees can book and track their rides with an intuitive application, while enjoying a fast, smooth, and stress-free commuting experience. 

To sum it up, implementing our shuttle solution allows you to:   

  • Improve your employees’ commuting experience: Offer your employees a convenient and fast commute. Let them book and track their rides in real time with our user-friendly application. 

  • Increase efficiency: Save time and operational hassle by managing all your shuttle rides with one simple and efficient solution. Get full visibility over your shuttles and streamline communication. 

  • Manage all your ride requirements: Control your employees’ commuting environment. Distribute your shuttle assignments, manage groups of employees on each ride, set pickup and drop-off locations, and ensure all relevant safety requirements are met.

  • Integrate quickly: From start to finish, the integration takes only 24h, and you’re ready to go.   

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