The Day After COVID-19: Why Should Companies Move Now to Smart Shuttle Services?

Why Should Companies Move Now to Smart Shuttles? | HERE Mobility Blog

Companies around the world are now progressively bringing back their teams to the office and adapting to the "new normal." One major concern for companies is how to get their employees - who don't commute with private cars - safely and conveniently to the workplace. With passengers no longer perceiving public transportation as safe enough, it's today essential to ensure a reliable alternative for workers. 

More generally, businesses are now anticipating the day after the crisis and are looking for ways to optimize their efficiency while maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction. In terms of transportation management, one solution seems to be the perfect match: smart shuttle services. Let's understand why:  

Improve Employee Satisfaction 

In the U.S, the average commuting time is around 26 minutes. When it comes to public transport, this time jumps significantly. For example, in New York, commuting by car (one way) takes on average 35 minutes while public transport takes 53 minutes. To give an idea of the impact of this time difference on employee happiness, a study explains that adding 20 minutes more commuting time each day has the same effect on job satisfaction as taking a 19% pay cut. In addition, commute related issues are proven to have negative business impacts, such as reducing employee's productivity or damaging the hiring attractiveness of the company. Therefore, it's clear that transportation benefits are a critical factor in improving employee satisfaction.  

Smart shuttle solutions, like the one provided by HERE Mobility, allow you to manage all your employees' shuttles digitally, and comes with an application for your employees. This kind of transportation solution can help you improve your teams' satisfaction in many ways: 

  • Ease their commute: By sending shuttles to your employees' location - or to a specific location suitable for groups of employees - you can reduce the stress of having to run, wait, and navigate public transport. The shuttle makes their life easy and takes them from their home to their workplace - et voila.  
  • Offer a digital experience: By providing your employees with an intuitive application to book and track their rides in real time, you can significantly improve their commuting experience and reduce their stress.  
  • Save them time (& money): As mentioned, public transport is one of the most time-consuming commuting options. By offering your employees a free, fast, and convenient alternative, you save them precious time - and costs.  

If your employees' commuting satisfaction improves, their productivity will follow. In addition, it might help attract new talent who couldn't reach your office before because of concerns over the distance. But improving employees' satisfaction is only one of the many benefits of adopting a smart shuttle solution. 

Efficiently Manage Employees' Commute  

Shuttles, as a transport method, can be more convenient to manage than many other options. Employers are able to control the ride hours making sure that large groups of employees arrive and leave at specific times. That said, while many businesses already provide this transport method to their teams, there is still a technological gap that needs to be closed. Managing shuttles through text messages or phone calls isn't efficient enough, the visibility over the rides is limited, and controlling or limiting the number of passengers entering at any point might be difficult.

By moving to a smart shuttle management solution, employers can control and manage all their employees' rides in a digital way, saving time on operations and improving communication between all sides - employer, passengers, and drivers. With everyone updated in real time about ride status, miscommunication is less likely to happen, saving you precious time, and you know, time is money.  

Better Control Safety  

When it comes to safety, the coronavirus has had a negative impact on public transportation usage for obvious reasons. Since many employees don't own private cars, it's now essential to offer a more controlled alternative to public transportation in order to limit the risks of virus spread. With smart shuttle services, employers can define fixed groups of employees that travel together as well as essential safety measures, such as the number of passengers on each ride. By doing so, they can maintain social distancing measures between employees during their commute and limit interactions with external people.  

Move Green  

Turning green has many benefits for businesses, both in terms of cost reduction and brand attractiveness. In fact, according to recent research, 81% of consumers respect companies who make sustainability efforts. With transportation, one of the key elements of any company's environmental and social impact, it's critical to adopt a green commuting solution. By offering shuttles to your employees, you can reduce the use of private vehicles and lower your company's carbon footprint - and on the way, parking lot fees. More than that, with a smart shuttle solution, you can also optimize your shuttle itineraries based on pickups, drop-offs, and other requirements, further reducing the number of driven kilometers.  


From employee satisfaction to environmental impact, cost-saving, and operation effectiveness, there are many valuable reasons to adopt a smart(er) shuttle solution. Considering the current disruption to public transport, that's likely to last for some time, it's clear that now is the best moment to think of moving to this kind of mobility solution.   

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