Why HERE Mobility is Attending MOVE for the First Time

HERE Mobility at MOVE 2020

After presenting how our vision of an open and global transportation marketplace became a reality at the world’s biggest tech trade show - CES - our sights are now set on one of the most prominent mobility events across the globe: MOVE in London.  

MOVE is dedicated to all things transportation and puts the spotlight on disruptive technologies that drive change in the mobility sector. We couldn’t be more excited, therefore, to attend the conference and present our smart mobility solutions and the impact they are already having on different industries, businesses, and cities.  

Here’s what’s going to happen at MOVE and why you should be there:  

A New Way of Doing Mobility  

The mobility industry is evolving at an exponential pace. In recent years, ride-hailing giants were the main disrupters, however, cities and mobility players are now understanding that more efficient and sustainable solutions are required, particularly, in the field of multimodal mobility.  

If you plan to attend MOVE, Liad Itzhak, Head of HERE Mobility, will deliver a keynote talk about “Disrupting the disrupters.” He’ll explain how our model of an open and global transportation marketplace can drive real change in the current industry by opening the market to all mobility players and generate much-needed competition. Competition means efficiency, and efficiency leads to sustainability. And this is happening now: in the last year only, our transportation technology saved more than one million driven kms to the planet.
Businesswise, this changing landscape can be a real opportunity.  

The Perfect Ecosystem  

Mobility as a Service is becoming a must for a wide range of businesses. As a leading global mobility marketplace, we connect transportation services with businesses in real-time. Thus, MOVE is the ideal location to develop our ecosystem on a global scale, in the most targeted environment. Meeting with key mobility players (from car manufacturers to micro-mobility providers) and business decision-makers will allow us to discover potential partnerships, form new relationships, and explore possible use-cases. The product maturity we’ve reached in the past year gives us the flexibility to adapt to all of our potential partners’ needs and provide them with optimal value. Want to hear what our technology can do for your business? 

Come Meet Us 


We’ll be at booth #14 and would love for you to join us there. We can’t wait to show you how the HERE Mobility Marketplace helps our partners from various industries (from smart cities, to finance, hospitality, stadiums, assistance services, and more) to enrich their offering, improve their customer experience, and increase their bottom line. With over 2.5 million vehicles in 100 cites, we are already moving the boundaries of the mobility industry and reinventing smart transportation for businesses every day.
Want in? MOVE 2020 is the perfect time to join the mobility revolution.  

Meet us at MOVE to hear how our smart transportation solutions can benefit your business>  

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